Introduction To Achieving 6 Pack Abs And A Flatter Stomach

There are many workouts and exercises you can do for abs but in order to make drastic improvements on your stomach and abs, you will need to make a lifestyle change. Healthy eating (a lower fat diet) will help reduce the fat in your body (along with physical activity). Doing crunches is not simple enough to achieve a six pack abs or washboard abs, it will take commitment and dedication but results can be had with hard work and a good diet.

First off I would recommend checking out AskMen.coms Ab Guide. They have some great information there as well.


I have already introduced the idea of eating healthy in order to achieve your Ab goals. I would work on cutting out the sweets from your diet. This will help drastically on the fat intakes you have. One tip I would like to pass along is to take out all your junk food from your cupboards and give it away, then go to the store and replace that junk food with healthy fruits, vegetables, and alternate snacks. Check out Wikipedias Healthy Diet entry for more information.


Cardio is important if you need to burn fat, actually, it is great for your body either way and will help a lot with achieving your ab goals. A few things you could are running (10-20 minutes, whatever you can do, push yourself), swimming, and biking. The first two would probably be your best bet since biking does not rely as much on your abs as the others do. If you need to burn fat this is where you are going to do it, ab workouts only workout the muscle underneath the fat.

Ab Workouts

Check out these sites for many great ab exercises until our list goes up:

  • Ab and Core Exercise Progression
  • Real Women’s Fitness Ab Section (men can use them too)
  • AskMen.coms Ab Guide
  • How to Structure Your Ab Workout for Better Abs

There are many other resources online for great ab workouts, I will write a post in the coming weeks with my personal favorite exercises for abs. Comment below if there is anything you would like to add!